VIP Eagle Day Deposit (November 2022)

VIP Eagle Day Deposit (November 2022)


The staff will fly the male White-Tailed Eagle and male Stellers Eagle to show you some amazing aerial flying. You will then start off flying and handling with a smaller bird (Common Buzzard or a bird of similar size) to make sure everyone is happy and confident and enabling the staff to show basic handling skills that you will need for the eagles you will be flying. We will then get your hands on with two of our most powerful and stunning eagles. We then start to move up in size for the first flying session normally finishing with the male Golden Eagle, after that it’s time for lunch.

Second flying session, we will move onto the “big girls". For 2022 VIP Eagle Experience we are hoping to give you the opportunity to not just handle our beautiful Stellers Sea Eagle but also get the chance to fly one! Keep your fingers crossed. To finish off the flying part of this experience we will then finish with "the eagle valley flight" a truly beautiful sight to witness and experience. A totally breath-taking experience!

After flying we will then set up what we call “the ring of death” where you can sit or stand amongst the eagles you have flown on the day. All the staff look forward to this experience each year, so we guarantee plenty of laughs and smiles for everyone and some amazing memories.

You will handle or fly:

    Ferruginous Hawk,

    Male Chilean Blue Eagle,

    Batelure Eagle,

    Female Russian Steppe Eagle

    Male Golden Eagle,

    Male Bald Eagle,

    Female Bald Eagle

    Male African Fish Eagle

    Female African Fish Eagle

    African Tawny Eagle 

     Female White Tailed Eagle (10lbs).

    Female Golden Eagle (13lbs)

    Female Stellers Sea Eagle

  • Hot soup and rolls will be provided as well as hot drinks and biscuits through out the day. Please bring your own lunch. 
  • The Centre is closed to the public so it’s a nice intimate group.
  • Max 5 people flying on the Eagle Experience.
  • Restricted to one or possibly two spectators on request
  • TBOPC Camera Policy is still to be followed.

Over 18s ONLY (including spectators)

Price per person flying £155  

Spectators £20

£50 Deposit secures your place

Start time: Arrive 10:15am for a 10:30am start.

Dates available. Please contact us in case of cancelations and reserve list.

Saturday 5th November  - Limited Spaces Available 

Sunday 6th November - Available

Saturday 12th November - Sold out

Saturday 19th November - Limited Spaces Available 

Sunday 20th November - Limited Spaces Available

Saturday 26th November - Available

Sunday 27th November - Available

** Birds may change on the day due to weather conditions. **

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