Project Lugger Build *Completed*

Project Lugger Build *Completed*


*Project Lugger Build Completed*

Thank you to everyone that has donated to this project. Both Sadiq and Zaida are now settled into their new accommodation. Lets hope we hear the tiny cheeps of feathered young in 2022, any young will be a great achievement. 

For 2021 our next project is to build accommodation for Sadiq and his new friend. The two Luggers are part of Project Lugger. Sadly, Lugger Falcons are in serious decline and ruffly only 12,000 lugger falcons left in the wild.

The aims of the Project are exceedingly simple in their aim and extremely difficult in their execution. We want to halt the decline of the species and where possible, when circumstances permit, help with repopulation by reintroduction and species management. By means of monitored domestic breeding production we intend to build a diverse gene pool of Lugger Falcons to form the basis for a future healthy and stable population. This will have a twofold effect. A safety net population should the day ever come that it is required and the basis, we sincerely hope, for future breed and release schemes that have the backing of the respective governments involved.

We are hoping to raise £500 to help with the cost of materials to build their new accommodation. Normally we wouldn’t ask for donations to help with building but as we all know it’s been a very difficult year.

To show our appreciation of any support for this building project we will displays names or company’s names on the new accommodation for the 2021 season.

We know these are uncertain times but any donation, big or small will directly help our feathered friends.

We would like to say thank you for everyone’s continued support. It has been such a difficult year for everybody but with your kindness and generosity it has helped us get this far so thank you again. 

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